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Maple Bee 2015

"Little Victories", Maple Bee's latest self-produced album boasts ten of them!


Ten melodic musical tales which dance from the romantic longing of the Stevie Nicks-esque "Nobody Knows", to the struggle with sanity on the modern folk of "Doctor" and "To All The Lost", featuring Maple Bee - a woman on harmonica!

Think early Suzanne Vega, stripped back instrumentation and dreamy storytelling, or the contemporary Americana of Natalie Prass.


By day Maple Bee is Melanie Garside - a music therapist with a decade's experience of helping give voice to the voiceless.

A children's drum drowned in reverb, the pop and snap of face percussion, looped messing-about on analogue pedals - "Little Victories" is choc-a-bloc with this instinctive approach to making music, inspired by the pure expression of non-musicians.


From her early years spent on a round-the-world boat trip with her family - listening to the fantastical narratives of Kate Bush and Maddy Prior - to a musical her-story writing and performing in bands Queen Adreena and Mediaeval Baebes, Maple Bee's aesthetic is unashamably other-worldly, spooky. Siren call vocals, the lyrics of myth.


"Little Victories" are the journeys we take everyday into the unknown.  Write it on your hand, you won't forget which way to go….


Maple Bee “Little Victories” will be officially released on Xie Recordings on June 22nd 2015.